Meba temperature controller pid CXCD1A

Our CXCD1A series meter totally adopts imported elements with small volume, light weight, beautiful outline, good reliability, strong shock resistance and anti-jamming. It can be widely used for temperature measure and auto control in different industries like plastic machinery, rubber machinery, packing machinery, dress, food and printing &dyeing etc.

Packing way: Standard export carton box

Certificate: CE

Meba temperature controller pid CXCD1A

Technical Parameter:

Dimensions(mm) 72mm72mm 96H96W110D
Tmp. Range 0-99.9, 0-199, 0-299, 0-399, 0-999
Input Indication CA(K,J),PT100Ω
Setting Precision Less than 1% full scale or range display
Indicating Precision Less than 2 Less than 0.5% full scale
Control Action ON/OFF only,proportion type (PD)
Output Mode Relay connection point 5A 250VAC, voltage of non ecting point 12VDC for SSR use
Rated Voltage AC: 110V/220V/380V10%. 50/60Hz
Proportion Cycle Relay: 15secs, Non connection point:2secs
Power Consumption 3W
Accessory Function sense for temperature sensing line breaking
Ambient Temperature -10+55

Signification of Meter Model

1. meter soutline dimension:
96-9696mm; 72-7272mm;
49-4896mm; 48-4848mm;
2. temperature set mode:B-code dialing;
set:V-catch plate set
3. temperature indication mode:
D-diqit display;
M-warp indication;
O-full ranqe indication;
N(X)-no indication


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