1. Time Delay Relay ST3PF series time relay is used ASIC and professional manufacturing technology to produce innovative time relay, with small size, light weight, delay a wide range of anti-interference ability, long life characteristics.

2. To be suitable for a variety of demanding precision, high reliability, automation and control sites used for delay control.

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions:

1. Use of the environment: the altitude not exceeding 2,000 m; around the attack is not higher than +40 ambient temperature and not lower than -5 ;

2. Supply voltage range of 85% -110% rated voltage; in the absence of severe shock and explosion medium risk and medium non-corrosive metal and undermine the insulation is sufficient gas and dust; in the absence of rain and snow in places;

3. Vertical or horizontal installation;


Classification Multirange Timer
Model ST3P
Dimension 55H*40.5W*57.5D
Mounting & Socket Surface(-N) PF-083A(E)
Flush(-Y) US-08 P3G-08
Full Timing Range -A: 0.05~0.5s/5s/30s/3min-B:0.1~1s/10s/60s/6min-C:0.5~5s/50s/5min/30min-D:1~10s/100s/10min/60min




Rated Voltage 24V to 240 VAC/DCAC(V)110V, 220VDC(V)12V, 24V
Indicator Operating ON, UP, Operating
O/P Contact Model ST3PA ST3PC
Time Limit 1C 5A
Time Limit 2C 5A
Instantenous 1C 5A
Life Mechanical 5*107 times
Electrical 105 times
Accuracy Repea Terror ±2%max
Stting Error ±5%max
Voltage Error ±5%max
Temp Error ±2%max

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