General:● Waterpoof Switch Box, it is made of materials such as ABS and PC, etc, elegant external shape, high firmness.

● Combined body and cover are fixed with four plastic screws that are difficult to fall off.

● Its specification and size can be designed based on the customer requirements.Economic and affordable.

● Net weight only accounts for the iron box of about 1/4, to facilitate handling and operation, no corrosion, good insulation.


Waterproof junction box usage:

Electrical, electronics,communication, fire fighting equipment, control panel, terminal box, large factory, coastal plant, environmental hazard facility, etc. Materials can be selected according to the customer’s requirements.


Product Features:

● Material:ABS/PC

● The product weighs approximately 1/4 weight an iron box and can be easily installed or moved, The product is free from corrosion, carries superior insulation.

● The Product has passed waterproof and dustproof carried out under rigid quality standards. (IP66)

● The use is also convenient for the installation of Terminal Substitution Rail, Button Box, Small Terminal, Signal, Relay and Sensor, Communication and joint Box etc.

● Protection Degree: IP66

Technical Parameter

Specification Model
Dimension ( L*W*H )
PC transparent cover
ABS opaque cover
Both available
MB-EN 65*50*55 MB-EN 200*150*130
MB-EN 95*65*55 MB-EN 200*200*95
MB-EN 110*80*45 MB-EN 200*200*130
MB-EN 110*80*70 MB-EN 250*80*70
MB-EN 110*80*85 MB-EN 250*80*85
MB-EN 125*125*75 MB-EN 250*150*100
MB-EN 125*125*100 MB-EN 250*150*130
MB-EN 130*80*70 MB-EN 280*190*130
MB-EN 130*80*85 MB-EN 280*190*180
MB-EN 160*80*55 MB-EN 280*280*130
MB-EN 160*80*95 MB-EN 280*280*180
MB-EN 170*140*95 MB-EN 340*280*130
MB-EN 175*125*75 MB-EN 340*280*180
MB-EN 175*125*100 MB-EN 380*190*130
MB-EN 175*175*100 MB-EN 380*190*180
MB-EN 180*80*70 MB-EN 380*280*130
MB-EN 200*150*100 MB-EN 380*280*180

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