Meba watt hour meters MB101PG  is a kind of three phase four wire active energy meter which purchase electricity by IC card, electric energy measuring, load control and using electricity management. The meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 single phase active energy meter stipulated in international standard IEC 62053-21. It can accurate and directly measure 50Hz or 60Hz active energy consumption from three phase four wire AC electricity net, it is use for setting indoor or out door meter box. This meter has LED display shows power. It has following features: good reliability, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.

Technical Data

Model Accuracy Reference Voltage(V) Current specifications(A) Starting current(A) Insulation performance
MB101PG Class 1 3X127/220
AC voltage 4kv for 1 minute,
1.2/50us waveform
pulse voltage 6kv


Installing Diagram



Dimension for MB101PG
Dimension for MB101PG




Wiring diagram for MB101PG
Wiring diagram for MB101PG


1. It support repeat recharge and one-time recharge from IC programmer and PC machinery online at the same time. OR it can individual offline recharge. (Please specified when ordering).
2. The IC card use logic and encryption, with code and data against false
3. Standard configuration payment by kWh, may select payment by money. (Please specified when ordering).
4. Standard configuration of the prepayment management system use of single edition, may select network edition. (Please specified when ordering).
5. It has load control and function of automatic fault detection and instructions, standard configuration without function of open terminals cover and detection, may select open terminals cover and cut power. (Please specified when ordering).
6. 6 LED digits display, 5+1 digits display (99999.1kWh), may select 7 LCD digits display. (Product Configuration code is QG).
7. A port of pulse output passive closed (polarity), complying with standard IEC 62053-31 and standard DIN 43864.
8. Five LED instructions power supply state, signal of energy impulse and direction of the flow of load current.
9. Automatic detection the direction of the flow of load current. When the yellow LED display, that is meaning the direction of the flow of load current reverse.
10. Single direction three component measure three phase four wire active energy consumption. It is nothing with direction of the flow of load current. Complying with standard IEC 62053-21.
11. Direct connect operation, type 16B wiring, may select three phase three wire, direct connect operation, type 13B wiring (Product Configuration code is PH).
12. Front board three fixed installation, standard configuration short terminals cover, may select extension terminals cover, in order to protect to use safety. (Product Configuration code is PE)

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