Single Phase Electronic Prepayment Watt-hour Meter

Characteristics and Range of application:

Type DDSY666 Single phase electronic prepayment watt-hour meter (hereafter is the meter) is the most advanced type instrument developed by us adopted the newest technique of personal computer and electronic and currency IC card for purchasing electric energy media. It is assisted by software and hardware technique of computer automation management for getting electric energy fee. It is suitable for measuring active energy in electric net with Single Phase AC 50 Hz/60Hz. The meter must be mounted in the place which temperature is in -10℃~+50℃ and the relativem humidity shall not exceed 85%. And the air should not include corrosive gas, keep away from dust and sand, mildew and insect, etc.

Features:  1. Comparing with the old type MB091, DDSY666 using new material is more suitable for the high temperature areas.  2. Transparent cover 3. LCD display

Main specifications and technical parameter:
The meter are completely conformed to the relative requirements of the
International Standard IEC62053-21(Class 1 or Class 2).


Type  Class of precision  Rated voltage Un  Rated current Ib
DDSY666 1 220-240V 15(60)A, 20(80)A, 30(100)A

The drawings of external surface:


Connection diagrams::

energy meter


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