Meba-searching lamps-TM-2105B


Meba searching lamps TM-2105B, an explosion led light which can be instantly started as soon as  the main circuit is cut off and powered by the emergent batteries. Also, it can be controlled with external switches.  It divides into two types: one is emergent light combination, the other one is purely emergent light. For the first one, it can work normally as long as the power is on, at the same time, it owns emergent functions when it is cut off. For the latter one, it usually is on the “OFF” condition.

10 million candle power Handheld Portable Halogen Spot Light, Work Light, Searching Light, OSRAM light source,rain proof

Technical Data

  • Rated Voltage: 6 V
  • Rated Capacity: 5.5 Ah
  • Light Output: 1,300 lm / 650 lm, approximately 10 million candlepower for high intensive light
  • Lamp Type: 25W OSRAM halogen bulb with a 1,200 hrs lifetime
  • Run Time: 1.5 hrs / 4hrs
  • Battery: Ni-cad rechargeable
  • Battery cycle lifetime: 1,000 times
  • Dimensions: 4.85″ head dia x 7.87″ L
  • Weight w/ Batteries: 2.64 lbs / 1200gm
  • Charging Time: 10~12 hrs
  • Focus Type:  Fixed
  • Effective range: 800m
  • Come with: Halogen spotlight, charger, spare light bulb, shoulder strap, pouch and manual
  • Compact, convenient and strategically configured.
  • Three position push button: choose between high intensive light, ordinary working light and power off
  • Heavy duty adjustable nylon shoulder strap
  • Optimum structural design
  • Quality aluminum alloy T6063 housing
  • Shock resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • OSRAM halogen light source
  • High efficacy
  • Long lifetime bulb
  • Long lifetime Ni-cad battery pack
  • Microprocessor controlled charging
  • Fast charging application
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short current protection
  • Reversal polarity protection
  • Trickle charging designed
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