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Guangzhou Xicheng Tower

Lasha Trainstation

Lasha Transtion

Beichuan Library

Datang Furong

Four hundred thirty-two meters tall, tall ranked sixth in the world, China second in the world, a place high-rise buildings. The total construction area of about four hundred and fifty thousand square meters

Guangzhou Xicheng Tower, one of the six iconic building, located southwest of the Pearl River New City core financial business district, east of the Pearl River Avenue, west Huaxia Road, south China, on the road, north Huacheng Avenue, in the new city center central axis.


Lasha transtaion designed two buildings in italics, station building area 23,600 square meters, the height of 22.9 meters, the hillside, surrounded by mountains. This modern Tibetan architecture will allow visitors to experience the national customs at the same time, enjoy the convenience of a variety of modern services

In the “5.12” earthquake in Beichuan library was razed to the ground. After the earthquake, the CPC Central Committee, State Council and all levels of Party committees and governments of loving care, Beichuan library again in 2011 and re-built free and open society.

Datang Furong Park is located south of Qujiang in Xi’an Development Zone, southeast of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which is in the north of the original Tang Dynasty Lotus Park site, modeled on the style of the Tang Dynasty imperial garden built again, is China’s first comprehensive display of the Tang Dynasty Royal garden-style large-scale cultural theme park, covers an area of acres, water area of three acres. Park built Ziyun floor, Ladies Pavilion, Royal Palace Banquet, apricot, Lim Court, Fengming nine days theater, Tang City and many other antique buildings, is China’s largest construction group Royal Tang

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