Material: Environmental protection and rigid PVC with good insulation performance and non-combustion. It is environmental protection and pollution-free which is approval by ROHS certificate, and without harmful substances like lead.
Fire-resistance class: UL94V-0 approval, flame-retardant material withgood self-extinguishing and insulation.
Product structure: consist of wiring duct and its cover.
Color&Size: grey, white, blue(Other colors can be customized);
Working temperature: temperature-resistance -20 to +85 ℃

Wiring duct electrical accessories

1. more than 100 models and sizes, and each equipped with cover.
2. the buckle of the duct and cover is reverse-buckle type, never slided off, with smooth surface, conveniently and qucikly to install, and effectively to prevent slide caused by vibrations.
3. smooth slot, glitch-free, and will not cut hands and abrase the wires.
4. low thread hole, easy combination, knocking down and wiring.
5. the wiring duct will not break, distort, change colors under the temperature of +85

Item.No. HW Contained Wire (1.52) Length
PXC-2015 2015 5-10PCS 2M
PXC-2020 2020 10-15PCS
PXC-2025 2025 10-20PCS
PXC-2525 2525 10-25PCS
PXC-2545 2545 25-40PCS
PXC-3015 3015 5-15PCS
PXC-3020 3020 10-20PCS
PXC-3025 3025 15-25PCS
PXC-3030 3030 20-30PCS
PXC-3035 3035 30-45PCS
PXC-3040 3040 35-50PCS
PXC-3050 3050 45-60PCS
PXC-3525 3525 25-35PCS
PXC-3535 3535 40-55PCS
PXC-4025 4025 20-40PCS
PXC-4030 4030 35-50PCS
PXC-4035 4035 40-50PCS
PXC-4040 4040 45-55PCS
PXC-4060 4060 60-80PCS
PXC-4525 4525 25-40PCS
PXC-4535 4535 40-55PCS
PXC-4545 4535 60-70PCS
PXC-4565 4565 90-100PCS
PXC-5015 5015 25-35PCS
PXC-5025 5025 25-45PCS
PXC-5030 5030 30-55PCS
PXC-5035 5035 50-60PCS
PXC-5040 5040 60-70PCS
PXC-5045 5045 70-85PCS
PXC-5050 5050 90-100PCS
PXC-5055 5055 100-110PCS
PXC-5060 5060 95-105PCS
PXC-5080 5080 180-200PCS
PXC-50100 5080 220-250PCS
PXC-6040 6040 90-100PCS
PXC-6060 6060 140-160PCS
PXC-6525 6525 100-110PCS
PXC-6545 6545 180-200PCS
PXC-6565 6565 140-160PCS
PXC-8035 8035 160-180PCS
PXC-8045 8045 180-200PCS
PXC-8050 8050 200-220PCS
PXC-8055 8055 240-290PCS
PXC-8080 8080 280-350PCS
PXC-80100 80100 300-400PCS
PXC-100100 100100 300-400PCS

Remark: Standard length is 2 meters, customized length is acceptable. Standard color is white and grey, other colors can be customized.



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