Electric Breaker Meba Intelligent Circuit Breaker for houses, offices, commercial complex with against overload, short circuit, earth fault function to protect human and equipment. The new version easy mounting, high interrupting capacity & long service life.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker,MCB

Modular Din Rail Electric Device Circuit Breaker  

Meba electric circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. The breaker feature is high short circuit capacity & long electric endurance. Product made in varying sizes, from small devices that protect an individual household appliance up to large switchgear designed to protect high voltage circuits feeding an entire city.



● Circuit breaker great for use indoor or outdoor, at apartment or industry.
● 1-4Pole, 6-125A Current for your choice.
● Suitable for circuit of AC 50HZ or 60HZ.rated voltage up to 400V.
● Breaking Capacity Can up to 10KA.
● We are manufacturer for 23 years,OEM can be accepted.


Miniature Circuit Breaker:

Rated Current: 6-63A, 1-4Pole, pillar terminal with clamp easy mounting onto 35mm Din rail,thermal or thermal-magnetic operation. 


Residual Current circuit breaker with Over-current protection (RCBO):

Breaker with AC and A types, B-C characteristic,short circuit capacity up to 10KA, electro-mechanical endurance 4000 cycles, mainly protect human from the fault of electric because of over-current, short circuit, earth fault current.


Residual Current Breaker With Overload Protection Parameters

Model NO. Breaking Capacity Rated Voltage Rated Current Number of Poles Mechanical Life Degree of Protection Special
C60NLE 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 2P 4000 cycles IP20 Long Life Time
MDZLE-32 4.5kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-32A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 Australia Popular
DZ30L-32 3kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-32A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 Safety Use
MBLN6-63 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 High Capacity
MBB4-63 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 2P,3P,4P 4000 cycles IP20 Professional
MB941-AC 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-32A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 Fire Resistance
MBR2210 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 2P 4000 cycles IP20 High Power
MBBL6-63 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 With Cable
MB162 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 1P+N 4000 cycles IP20 Strong
OLLB7 4.5kA/6kA 230VAC/400VAC 6-63A 2P 4000 cycles IP20 Customizable


Moulded Case Circuit Breaker:

MCCB with normal structure, reliable performance, high breaking capacity, used for power distribution and protecting the circuit and electrical equipment against overload and short circuit. It complies with standard of IEC60947-2.



Residual Current Circuit Breaker:

Meba RCCB high current rating up to 63A, provides protection against earth fault/leakage current and function of isolation, widely used in home,apartment, building or industrial applications.


Matching Circuit Breaker Using Electrical Accessories:

 Meba circuit breaker use need match other electric parts, like distribution board, copper bar, terminal block or ac contactor etc compose a power distribution system.


Workshop and Circuit Breaker Test Machine:

Strict quality check routine, advance checkout equipment and well-trained quality control personnel guarantee Meba to realize the quality aim that the acceptable rate the products leaving the factory is 100%.


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