C Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Meba Moulded Case Switch 3VF3

Meba Moulded Case Switch 3VF3

·Brief description
1. Compared with traditional circuit breaker or relevant fuse,MEBA C series circuit breaker has excellent protection performance in smaller space, in maximum range can satisfy rated current and faulty current’s requirement.
2. C series  circuit breaker  can  be used in cascade system,  meet next stage circuit breaker’s limit section capacity select protection req-uirement, save whole system cost.
C series circuit breaker complies with IECZ60947-2 international standard;  also comply with main industrial countries standard.

1. C series  circuit  breaker  including 7 basic frames, frame current from  100  to  2500A.  Each  frame  has up to  415V 100KA (AC240V 200KA)short circuit breaking capacity multiple choice, more flexibility in design, and save space as well.
2. Actually, using  C series  circuit breaker  can  avoid  in  re-design system.  It  can be used in original  switchboard,  feeder ark, bus duct, equipment control panel,  motor  control  center  substitute of old type circuit  breaker.  At  most situations,  can  adopt  same Connector bar, terminal and shaft structure.
3. Circuit  breaker  stan dard  temperature  is  40  degree,  for other higher  ambient  temperature  situation,  can  use  50  degree  factory finalize type design circuit breaker.
4. C series circuit breaker can be used in DC situation as well, 630A frame  3P  circuit breaker   concatenation  used  in  DC600V  breaking capacity can reach 40KA.

·Most reasonable contact terminal system design
C series circuit breaker flexible and special specific is adopt one of the most reasonable design in circuit breaker history, can assure circuit breaker in high fault current fast and reliable breaking.

·Whole testing process in factory
Each C series circuit breaker steady and reliable quality is acc-ording to a whole testing procedure assurance, each circuit breaker’s same pole has to make two times setting test to verify trip,  operating characteristic and electric circuit contentiously.

·High breaking capacity in smaller space
C circuit breaker in shape and electric function can be interchan-ged with Westinghouse moulded case circuit breaker, this means C series circuit breaker is ideal product after  improve its equipment design.

·Operation structure
1.C  series  circuit breaker adopt in fast-separate  and  fast-close mechanical  operation,  which has free trip function,  assure  circuit breaker in short circuit time can not keep closed.
2. Circuit  breaker’s  trip shaft’s  position and two sides’  windows point its working condition:  ‘witch-on’, ‘reak- brake’ and ‘rip’ If circuit breaker overloading,  short circuit, shunt  or  under voltage or press TEST button makes trip, shaft will slip to ‘rip’ position. At mean while if need  circuit  breaker re-switch on,  it should switch shaft to reset position then break brake.

·Current limit feature
   C series circuit breaker adopts high repulsion contact terminal structure and advantage ARC technology, so it has significant currentlimit function.

  IEC60947-1:General rule
IEC60947-2:Circuit breaker
IEC60947-3:Switch, isolating switch, load switch etc.

C Series Trip unit type work

3VF Parameter

Working condition:
1.The altitude not exceeding 2000m
2.The ambient temperature is from +40°Cto -5°C
3.Ambient environment is free from explosive danger and air or dust, which may cause corrosion of metal or weakness of insulation.
4.Ambient environment is free from erosion of rain or snow.
5.Pollution degree 3
6.Over-voltage category III

C series MCCB Structure

[Download not found]Meba Moulded Case Switch 3VF3 is big ampere circuit breaker  with high breaking capacity match with RCCB, MCB  use  to protection power distribution equipment safety.

NS Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Meba lower voltage big ampere power switch breaker NS-1600N



1. NS series Compact MCCB the rated insulating voltage is 750V, suitable for AC 50Hz(60Hz), rated working voltage 690V or below, rated working current is 12.5A to 1250A of circuit.

2. Used in distributing electric energy, and non-frequent breaking in the normal conditions, protecting the current & equipment from overload&under voltage, circuit breaker with rated frame current 400A or below can be used in motor’s non-frequent start, breaking during working, protecting motor from overload, short circuit&under-voltage.

3. The product conforms to IEC60947-2 standard.


1. Installation way: Mounted vertically, Horizontal installation;
2. By use of circuit breaker usage: Distribution protection, Motor protection;
3. According to the mode of wiring points: Front panel wiring, Back panel wiring , Plug-in connection;
4. According to the mode of operation: direct operating handle, External turning the handle operations, electric operation;
5. By release type distinction: instantaneous action release (magnetic release), thermal + electromagnetic release (duplex); electronic release;
6.  Poles Number: 3poles, 4poles;




Accessories Rated operating voltage Consumption For type
Pick-up Seal-in
Shunt release(MX) 24V   <10VA   <5VA  NS-100 ~  630
Under-voltage release(UN) 220/230V <10VA <5VA
Accessories Rated operating voltage Rated operating current For type
AC12 AC15
Auxiliary contact(OF) 380/400V 6 3 NS-100 ~  630
Alarm contact(AL) 380/400V 6 3

Rotary handle

◆A. Direct rotary handle
Degree of protection:IP40
1) suitability for isolation
2) indication of three positions 0(off) I(on) and tripped
3) press ush to trip?button, can trip-free
4) visibility of and access to trip unit settings
5) the circuit breaker can be locked in the off position by one to three padlocks, diameter 5 to 8mm(not supplied)
◆B. Extended rotary handle
Degree of protection:IP55
1) Suitability for isolation
2) Indication of three positions 0(off) I(on) and tripped
3) Visibility of and access to trip unit settings when the door is open
4) Door opening prevented when circuit breaker is on
5) The circuit breaker can be locked in the off position by one to three padlocks, diameter 5 to 8mm(not supplied). Locking prevents opening of the switchboard door
Installation: Circuit breaker may be mounted vertically, horizontally or flat on their back without any derating of characteristics.
Fix: Mounting on backplate, mounting on rails
Connection: Front panel connection, black panel connection, plug-in connection


Type Pole No. Rated insulating voltage(V) Rated operating voltage(V) Rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity Icu(KA) at 380/415V Rated services short circuit breaking capacity Ics at 380/415V(KA) Operation performace Utiliza-tim Category
NS-100N 3, 4 pole 750 690 and below 25 25 1500 8500 A
NS-100H 70 70
NS-100L 150 150
NS-160N 36 36 1000 7000
NS-160H 70 70
NS-160L 150 150
NS-250N 36 36 1000 7000
NS-250H 70 70
NS-250L 150 150
NS-400N 45 45 1000 4000
NS-400H 70 70
NS-400L 150 150
NS-630N 45 45 1000 4000
NS-630H 70 70
NS-630L 150 450
NS-1250N 3 pole 50 37.5 1000 4000
NS-1600N 50 37.5

1. The N-pole breaker has no protection which closing and opening with the other three poles.
2. The type of thermal magnetic for NS-400/630 has no four poles.

Outline and Installation Dimension:


Trip unit main technical parameter:

Type Rated Current In(A) Note
NS-100 12.5,16,20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100 T adjustable(0.8-1In)
M adjustable(5-10In)
NS-160 16,20,25,32,40,50,68,80,100,125,160
NS-250 160,180,200,225,250
NS-400 315,350,400
NS-630 400,500,630
NS-1250 800,1000,1250 T adjustable(0.8-1In)
M fixed
NS-1600 1000,1250,1600

[Download not found]Meba lower voltage big ampere power switch breaker NS-1600N max up to 1600A breaking capacity 130KA, 415V set of  MCB, AC Contactor etc electrical product compose low voltage power distribution device.